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🎁 A Warm Welcome to New Customers: Ready for an enchanting surprise? Use code "GTA310" on orders over $100 to unwrap 10 captivating gifts, valued at $310! Our gesture of gratitude to you. 🎉


Check out our exclusive promotion collection from the top cannabis delivery service in the industry! Enjoy discounted prices on a wide selection of premium-quality products, including flowers, edibles, and concentrates. Our fast and discreet delivery service ensures you can start enjoying your cannabis in no time. Shop now and save!

$25 OFF for New Customer

$15 OFF on 1st order and $10 OFF on 2nd order. (Minimum purchase: $100).


Get $30 Credit. You and your friend will each receive $15 credit after completed the first $100+ order. (Min order: $100).

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Cannot Combine Other Promotion


  • Order from $100: Free Pre-roll or Rolling Paper or $10 OFF with cash purchase .

  • Order from $200: Free Pre-roll or Rolling paper or Premium Gummies or $10 OFF with cash purchase.


Welcome to GreenHouse GTA, where we invite you to explore an extraordinary range of cannabis strains with our exclusive Premium Mix & Match Deal. With this deal, you can mix and match 4 ounces of cannabis with four different premium strains, or opt for 2 ounces with 1 ounce each, and receive a pack of gummy dope rope 1000mg.


For a more customized experience, choose 4 strains of 14g or 2 strains of 14g, and receive a free pack of Backwood. Alternatively, you can select 2 or 4 strains of 7g and enjoy free premium rolling paper or a pre-roll.


Not only will you have access to an extensive selection of top-quality strains, but you can also save up to $250 by taking advantage of our Premium Mix & Match Deal. Don't miss this chance to elevate your cannabis journey. Visit GreenHouse GTA today and embark on an unparalleled sensory adventure

Please TEXT us: "Premium Mix & match 7 " or "Premium Mix & match 14 " or "Premium Mix & match 28":

Note:  The deal PREMIUM MIX & MATCH  apply for all strains up to $250/oz !

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  • Combo 3 Brownies 240MG Euphoria for $60

  • Combo 3 Chocolate 500MG Euphoria for $90 

  • Combo 3 Gummies Willo 500MG for $80 

  • Combo 3 Gummies Willo 1000MG for $140 

  • Combo 3 Chocolate 1200MG Euphoria for $200 

  • Combo 3 Dope Rope 1000MG for $100 

  • Combo 3 Gummies Valkyrie 1000MG for $100 

- Super Deal 2oz from $220 + GIFT ( 2 Premium Pre-rolls | 2 Rolling papers | 3.5 grams flower | $10 OFF with Cash purchase option ) .

- Super Deal 2oz from $320 + GIFT (Premium Gummies  | 7 grams flower | $10 OFF with Cash purchase option ).

Please check update List of strains available for the Super Deal 2oz + Sample or Gift + FREE delivery!

Claim The Deal:

- Please TEXT us: "Super Deal + Name of 2 strains ", we will quickly make the order for you, Thank You!

- The Super Deal 2oz can be mix in 2 strains (The 2nd Oz must under or same grade of the main strains). ​​

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