The Bacio Gelato strain is an amalgamation of Girl Scout Cookies’ genetics. Sunset Sherbert is the centerpiece and hails from the Girls Scout Cookies strain (GSC) and Pink Panties. Sherb was crossed with Thin Mint Cookies which is a special peppermint bearing phenotype of GSC (F1 x OG Kush).

Bacio Gelato has all the purple splendor you’d come to expect from a Gelato strain spinoff and covered in frost like a snow-capped mountain. The classic Italian ice-cream flavor with the same name produces hazelnut and chocolate flavors while smoking it delivers earthy notes with touches of vanilla on the front end.

This strain’s viscous smoke and drowsy high will erase stress, according to some. New cannabis users should be careful with this one while experienced cannasseurs should add it to their bucket list immediately.

Bacio Gelato (Hybrid-35%) AAAAA+ Super Quad

PriceFrom C$60.00