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If you like to enjoy your favorite cigars on the go, Backwoods is perfect for travel. The Backwoods 5 - packs come in a resealable pouch that can be rolled up to ensure that these beauties are kept fresh and ready for enjoyment. If you are looking for a serious cigarillo that checks off your boxes for flavor and portability, Backwoods is the top choice.

The Backwoods Cigarillos line includes:

Original: smooth, easy on the palate, and full of complex flavor 

Sweet Aromatic: mellow and smooth with a fragrant scent and distinct taste


- Honey: golden honey sweetens up the natural tobaccos of this classic

Black Nā€™ Sweet Aromatic: dark, short, and tasty ā€“ a lusciously fragrant classic cigar


- Honey Bourbon: delightful sweetness mixes with a smooth kick of the best Kentucky bourbon


- Russian Cream: uniquely aromatic and satisfying with smooth flavor of vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, and dark coffee 


- Dark Stout: creamy, dark flavors of stout beer pair with smooth tobaccos

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