When you want to truly convey how luxurious and special something is, why not name it Caviar Gold? This strain is quite mysterious, and while many dispensaries will have bud for sale under this moniker, no one is actually clear on who made it or what its genetics are. None of that really matters much, though, because users who have tried this gal claim that she’s their new favorite.

Coming in at an astonishing 34% THC potency, Caviar Gold should be reserved for highly experienced users only. Each nug is small and dense, with an olive green color that only slightly peeks through beneath a thick layer of kief. That’s right — if a kief-dusted bud doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will. Many try to make an educated guess as to who her parents are based on her flavors and aromas, as they bring a mixture of mint, pine, and sour earth to your palate.

Caviar Gold (Hybrid - 34%) AAAAA

PriceFrom C$60.00