Death Zombie is an indica strain of cannabis, created through a cross of the infamous Zombie OG x Death Bubba strains. The flower has a sweet and fruity berry flavour with a hint of pine, along with a spicy and earthy aroma to match. Death Zombie flower has grape-shaped buds with purple undertones, long amber hairs and tiny matching trichrome crystals.


If you’re looking to relax and mow down like a zombie, then this strain might be the perfect choice for you. Well known for putting restless minds at ease, its relaxing effects will leave you focused on a task for just a minute or two before you fade away into sedation. Soon after that, those feelings fade into a heavy state of being stoned, euphoric and completely out of it, as you slip in and out of happy thoughts and blissful warmth. A heavy body high comes next, that locks you to the couch and leaves you blissful as you fade away into a long and peaceful sleep.

Death Zombie (Indica - 29%THC) AA+

PriceFrom C$40.00