The flavor of Green Gelato draws users to the strain even though its nuances are difficult to describe. Its genetic lineage produces a strong taste of mint cookies and orange sherbet, two distinct, prominent flavors that hit the tip of your tongue. But Green Gelato pops with other flavors as well, ones that hit deeper on your palette as you smoke, coming mostly from the strain’s ancestry, which includes a lot of dank kush. Earthy, nutty, sweety, creamy, and of course, minty all come to bear on the aroma and taste of Green Gelato. The exhale even has a layer of spicy tropical citrus.

Those who use Green Gelato want to be lifted and put down, away from the troubles of their chronic conditions or their stressful days. The 32% THC average hits you with a boost of energy. As you smoke, you’ll drift into pure relaxation, pure physical softening. You’ll easily go to sleep, whether you want to or not (most people will).

Green Gelato (Indica - 32%THC) AAA+

PriceFrom C$50.00