Ice Queen is a Sativa hybrid crossed from flavorful Cinderella 99 and the notorious 1995 Cannabis Cup winner and perennial favorite White Widow. With a high trichome county and a THC content between 23 and 27%, this strain is an energizing option for daytime use.

Ice Queen’s buds range in color from dark green to almost brown. The cured flowers have plentiful leaves with the airy, fluffy texture typical of purer Sativa. Mostly notably, buds have inherited the heavy resin output of their White Widow parent - a dusting of trichomes coats the exterior, making this strain sticky enough to merit use of a grinder. The predominant scent is sweetly herbal with some lavender. Broken open, the nugs smell more peppery, reminiscent of some hash strains. Inhaled, the smoke is especially smooth - spicy flavors are intensified on the exhale.

Ice Queen (Sativa - 27%THC) AA+

PriceFrom C$35.00