You’ll more commonly hear the King Tut strain called casually by the pharaoh’s formal name, Tutankhamon, slightly misspelled. The name homages a royal child, a rare find in archaeology, a famous ruler. Does the strain live up to it? It is itself extremely rare, so that’s a good start! It’s so rare that we’re not certain what its parent strains were. But we suspect that AK-47 strains are in there – we know that it heavily favors Sativa (80/20) and was bred, with ironic appropriateness, by Pyramid Seeds.

This strain won’t put you in a sleeping mood – you’ll be ratcheted up, heady, full of zest. If you want a cannabis strain to get your creative juices flowing or chat up your not-so-royal court of buddies for hours on end, King Tut would be a good companion.

King Tut (Sativa - 30%THC) AAA+

PriceFrom C$40.00