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THC: 35%

Grade: AAAAA+

Type: Indica


The love-child of two very famous strains, Master Pink is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid with sedative effects.

Thanks to it’s Tahoe roots, it provides a heavy brain relaxation especially in the frontal lobe as well as behind the eyes. When inhaled, it starts to create a numbing effect that circulates throughout the entire body. With this relaxation comes the feeling of euphoria and some minor creativity stimulation.

The earthy and citrus flavors of Master PinkRockStar x Tahoe may be used to deliver potent pain and muscle spasm relief. Its euphoric effects may be used to help deal with anxiety, depression and stress. Some do find that it helps them rest easy. Others use it for migraines and nausea.

Master Pink - Ind dominant Hyb 35% THC | 1oz = $240 + Free Backwood

PriceFrom C$90.00