Pancake Ice is an upcoming stain by Houseplant, a cannabis company founded by actor and comedian, Seth Rogen. The strain is one of three being launched along with Houseplant's California division. Rogen himself reported on Twitter that Pancake Ice is Sativa-dominant and tested at 33% THC. 

Pancake Ice's name comes from a rare weather phenomenon where thin disks of ice form on a body of water's surface resembling...well...pancakes. Rogen has an affinity for naming cannabis strains after weather phenomenon, proven by his film Pineapple Express and two of Houseplant's other upcoming strains, Diablo Wind and Pink Moon. 

Little else is known about Pancake Ice and we'll be updating this page as we learn more.

Pancake (Sativa - 34%) AAAAA+

PriceFrom C$60.00