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THC: 34%

Grade: AAAAA+

Type: Indica ⛽️


Pink Tom Ford is known for its stunning buds in dark blue, orange, and pink colors. It has a sweet, very sweet fragrance with notes of perfume.

The high is immediate in pleasure and euphoria, combined with a brain-high rush that doesn’t last long. The rush soon falls into a dim, dreamlike state, where a small couch lock episode happens.

Tom Ford Pink Kush can be used for many medical conditions including chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiousness, and lack of appetite. The Tom Ford Pink Kush boasts THC content as high as 34 percent. Smoking this cannabis strain is most recommended for users with insomnia or chronic pain.

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are side effects of smoking Tom Ford Pink Kush. Extreme migraines can also be caused if taken excessively.

Pink Tom Ford ⛽️ Indica 34% THC | Super deal 2oz = $340

PriceFrom C$85.00