Rebel God Smoke marijuana strain is a 70 Sativa and 30 Indica marijuana. This kush was created by Coloardo Seed Inc. The herb is insanely strong with THC levels up to 28%. Beginners should proceed with caution to avoid paranoia and headaches. Rebel God Smoke has a subtle flavor mix of spice and grape. The plant grows dense, round, amber buds that are full of golden trichomes and hairs. They are ready for harvest after 8 weeks of flowering time. Rebel God Smoke is good for day time use.


Type of High

Rebel God Smoke marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria. Improves focus and motivation, boosts energy and creativity. Alleviates depression and stress. 

Rebel God Smoke (Sativa - 32%THC) AAAA+

PriceFrom C$50.00