Santa Sativa marijuana strain is a 70/30 Sativa marijuana. The breeders at Dinafem Seeds are responsible for this joyful beauty. Santa Sativa plants finish flowering in about 10 weeks, and reward with dense, jade green buds. The nugs taste of pine, lemons, and incense. The herb is moderately strong, with THC up to 32%. Beginners should proceed with caution to avoid overwhelming cerebral stimulation. Santa Sativa marijuana is best for day and morning time use due to strong stimulating properties.


Type of High: Santa Sativa marijuana induces strong cerebral buzz, boosts creativity. Alleviates anxiety and stress, improves appetite. May prompt sexual arousal. Followed by mild sedation. Controls nausea and pain. May cause paranoia, dizziness and eye dryness.


PriceFrom C$50.00