White Walker Kush marijuana strain is a 60 Sativa-40 Indica marijuana. The herb was created by DNA Genetics, and is commonly known as White Walker. This kush is very strong with THC levels reaching 32%. Beginners should proceed with caution to avoid overwhelming cerebral high and paranoia. Back in 2013, White Walker Kush took the first place in Best Indica Flower category of High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain has a pleasant aroma of spices and citrus.


Type of High

White Walker Kush marijuana induces strong body buzz. Energizes the mind, uplifts mood, boosts creativity. Followed by laziness, insane couch-lock and sedation. Provides strong analgesic effect, helps with insomnia and nightmares.

White Walker Kush (Sativa - 32%THC) AAAA+

PriceFrom C$50.00