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Biscotti Gushers 1

Biscotti Gushers

PriceFrom C$75.00

THC: 32%

Grade: AAAA

Type: Indica 


Effects: Since the physical and mental effects of Biscotti Gushers provide so much lifting and bedding down, users that feel chronically elevated and stressed can use this one to literally spice up their evenings. Chronic stress, depression, and pain fades from the fruity fuel explosion of Biscotti Gushers goodness. Inflammation, which can cause stress to build up even more, can relax its clinching grip on your muscles on a Biscotti Gushers high (this is why the strain is a favorite among arthritis suffers). Sleep problems can lead to insomnia and fatigue, but a dose of Biscotti can help you conk out.

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