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CBD Tincture 1000Mg by Willo Extractions

CBD Tincture 1000Mg by Willo Extractions


CBD (lab-tested 0% THC = no high) in premium food-grade MCT oil - tasteless compared to other more bitter tinctures on the market.

Mood enhancer. Mild relief of pain/inflammation. Great for those with trouble sleeping. We love to use these for that time of the month! 

1000mg (15 ml bottle) 

- there are ~ 15 full droppers in this bottle (each full dropper ~ 1ml) 

- each full dropper contains ~ 66mg CBD (1000mg/15ml) 


Applications: add to smoothies, nuts, guac, yogurt, etc.

Directions for use: drop 6-8 drops under your tongue and hold for 45 seconds (this will allow for quicker absorption). Swallow with a drink of water. Effects may be felt within 15 minutes. Wait to feel effects before slowly increasing dosage. 

Keep in a cool, dry room away from direct sunlight.

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