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Mega Wellness GTA

Mega Wellness

PriceFrom C$80.00

THC: 33%

Grade: AAAA+

Type: Hybrid


Effects: The high from Mega Wellness OG takes effect very quickly, launching users into a deep and thoughtful headspace. This mental high is characterized by sharpened perception and freely-associative thought. External stimuli and abstract concepts may seem more significant than when the smoker is sober. This strong but manageable head high can be useful for fostering creative thinking or for finding unconventional solutions to entrenched problems. Those looking to take advantage of this burst of energy should act quickly, though. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, Mega Wellness’ indica side kicks, weighing down limbs and causing eyelids to droop. Luckily, many users report that even after they’re rendered immobile, their minds remain active and lucid. Mega Wellness OG can set the stage for a small gathering of familiar friends; alternatively, it can allow users withdraw from their surroundings and spend some valuable time alone. This strain is most appropriate for the afternoon to early evening, when its descending from active thoughtfulness to passive relaxation can be most enjoyed.

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