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Vape Pen Battery by Flo

Vape Pen Battery by Flo


The Flo Vape Kit contains:

  • Rechargeable device
  • Universal USB charging cable


Product Info:

  • 290mAh battery
  • 0.5ml Rechargable


The FLO Vaporizer offers a sleek, lightweight design featuring an ergonomic, modern body. The FLO is a great addition to your purse or pocket as you carry on about your day, and no one else will be the wiser!


This product is still super new to market, but reviews have been nothing but positive. FLO users report pulling thicker clouds of vapor than they ever could out of a 510 pen, without the burn you tend to get when your cartridge is almost empty. Pick whichever pod sounds best to you and try a FLO today!

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